Training Manual

•The purpose of this assignment is for you to prepare a Training Manual for new staff using our textbook as a guide.  Use the APA (American Psychological Association) format which is found in the Course Resources Virtual Library under the “The Owl at Purdue”.
•Write a summary of each textbook chapter starting at Chapter 5 and continuing through Chapter 16.  Each chapter needs to be a MINIMUM of 100-150 words (you may write more, but not less).
•Be sure to include a Title Page for your Training Manual, Chapter Summaries, Helpful Websites, sources for your employees, and a Reference Page.
•Complete the paper using Microsoft Word, upload your Final paper as an attachment in dropbox in Week 10.  The project should follow APA formatting, and should be broken down into the categories listed below.
Vines, D. (2013). Comprehensive health insurance: Billing, coding, and reimbursement.( 2nd ed.). A. Braceland, E. Rollins & S. Miller, (Eds.). New Jersey:  Pearson Prentice Hall


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