Transformations, Human and Inhuman

While the novel echoes the issues we’ve discussed in papers 1 and 2–there are plenty of ethical situations in the novel, and there’s a lot of discussion of making meaning it is also a novel about transformation, and the transformation is not only about characters but even about the ship itself. The following quotation comes early on in the novel. Cringle explains to Calhoun what will happen to the Republic during its voyage:

All in all she was a typical ship . [ . . . ] She was perpetually flying apart and re-forming during the voyage, falling to pieces beneath us, the great sails ripping to rags in high winds, the rot, cracks, and parasites in old wood so cancerously swift, springing up where least expected, that Captain Falcon’s crew spent most of their time literally rebuilding the Republic as we crawled along the waves. In a word, she was, from stem to stern, a process. She would not be, Cringle warned me, the same vessel that left New Orleans. (35-6)

In this paper, please use this quotation to analyze and compare/contrast both the kinds of transformations that the main characters and groups undergo on the ship and their reactions to these transformations.

To what extent does Cringle’s quotation apply to humans and nations, gods and governments, as well as the ship?

Support your assertions about transformation human and non-human with ANALYSIS of quotations from the text.
* Make sure you explore Calhoun’s own transformation, as well as the transformation of the Allmuseri.
*You must also choose at LEAST one other person/group that is transformed,
*and you MUST discuss the Allmuseri god.
(total of 4 people/groups to be discussed).


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