using the T.HILL methodology, (Hoffman Tobacco)

1. demonstrate your understanding of the principles behind, and the application of, new product introduction processes. undertake research to identify a total of 3 detailed case examples(not covered in the model)from 2 sectors that support your answer, and which provide evidence of the associated benefits. compare, contrast, and comment on these cases.
2. case question, using the T.HILL methodology, (Hoffman Tobacco)
(a)what was the underlying rationale behind the decision to orientate different product types to each of the 2 plants?
(b)what were the reasons for undertaking the investments in the 2 manafacturing plants?
(c)why are the 2 plants achieving such markedly different levels of performance ?
(d)what strategic recommendations would you submit to Curt Muller that would address the issues facing the company regarding there 2 plants?


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