Interpret and Explain core ethical questions and concepts in terms that illustrate a comprehensive understanding of each. Justify a sound philosophical position on a topic, or topics of contemporary human interest in the area of ethics, including its relation to freedom and human rights, that Integrates and Logically Demonstrates a Synthesis in thought.

Think carefully about each question and answer each question as fully as possible. (12 point font, double spaced, normal margins)

Which account/definition of virtue in Meno appeals most to you? Explain and tell me WHY. You should have 3 solid reasons why this definition of virtue appeals to you the most (make an argument and back it up!).I understand that NONE of the definitions of virtue in Meno are perfect, but which do you like the BEST?

What are some problems with this definition? Use examples (of your own-make them up) to explain your position. (This means give me an argument using critical thinking skills)


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