Wal Mart

Read Chapters 4 and 5 in the text and the Wal*Mart 2013 Global Responsibility Report, which is available at:

Case Study Questions

Based on your pre-existing opinion of Wal-Mart, was there anything in the Report that surprised you?

In its rhetoric, does Wal-Mart embrace the shareholder view of the corporation, or the stakeholder view of the corporation?  What are some examples of that?

Was there anything that you thought was a sincere effort at corporate social responsibility?  Was there anything that seemed to be marketing and image?  Examples?

Is Wal-Mart’s corporate citizenship effort proactive or reactive?  Is it voluntary, reluctant or strategic?  What are some examples?

Comment on the mix of presentations – statements of goals and principles vs. individual/community stories vs. metrics and data.  Which are more effective?  Which are less effective?  How do you think these examples were chosen?

How is Wal-Mart’s sustainability efforts international in scope?  What were some specific country initiatives that impressed you?  Disappointed you?

Did your opinion of Wal-Mart change at all?  How so?


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