Was the Renaissance Reality or Myth

Overview: Renaissance historian Peter Burke has argued that the Renaissance was not really the dawn of a new era. In fact, he claimed in his article  The Myth of the Renaissance that the High Middle Ages experienced a series of renascences  that shaped modern Western culture. Furthermore, Burke argued that many Renaissance men  held beliefs and assumptions that were actually medieval in nature. After reading Burke’s article found on Blackboard, do you agree or disagree with this theory? In this assignment you need either to support or refute Burke’s argument. You need to use primary source documents found on the Renaissance section of the LibGuide to support your argument.

Requirements: Papers must be between 750 and 1000 words long.
Students need to refer to Burke’s article, as well as to the textbook and primary source documents on the Renaissance (found on the LibGuide for this course),
MLA citation

Details: The primary goal of this assignment is to get you take and argue a position within an academic debate. The secondary goal is to test your ability to use primary sources to bolster your arguments.
Due date: May 3

References: Peter Burke, The Myth of the Renaissance(link found on Blackboard)


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