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My essay will talk about the argumentive.
The question is
“Sould airports be allowed to use scanners that allow the workers to see a person’s body? why or why not”

I agree with this, so i agree to the airports to be allowed to use scanners.

So, i need you to write why we agree with this?

Most important thing to know, you have to follow these steps.

My essay should be like this;
1-Introduction(including the thesis statment)
2-Background Information (May include terms, historical background, or anything else the audience needs to know to understand the issue)
3- Reason 1 with explaination and support
4- Reason 2 with explaination and support
5- Reason 3 with explaination and support
6- Refutation of your opponent’s most important reason.
7- Conclusion (which is summarize, demand action, suggest aq solution, or predict an outcome)

Please make sure that each point of (introduction, background, …etc) should be in a paragraph

There are two sources that you have to read it to get more information about the reasons

Please contact me if you have question at this number


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