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This assignment is designed to demonstrate the core principles of data base modeling taught in this course. Emphasis will be given to logical data modeling and Normalization. Special attention will be given to the following criteria:

1. Your model must be presented in Third Normal Form (or higher) for full credit.

2. Relationships must be labeled with verbs describing the relationships in both directions.

3. Relationship lines must be terminated with cardinality symbols.

4. Good use of naming conventions for entity types and relationships.

5. All primary keys and foreign keys must be clearly shown within entity types.

6. Entity types must be fully attributed, showing all dependent items.

7. EERDs must have at least one applied business rule, which may be depicted in diagramming symbols or called out in a text annotation on the diagram.

8. EERD must contain a minimum of five entity types not including subtype entities.

9. EERD must depict at least one many-to-many relationship that has been reduced to two entities and an associative entity. All many-to-many-relationships must be reduced.

10. The data model must follow on logically from the student’s own Project Proposal assignment, unless explicitly authorized in writing by the instructor. In general, the model must contain the same entity types and relationships described in the proposal, but may be extended with greater detail, as would be expected in a business project of this type.


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