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Part1. The main theme for this entire course is “Everything is Connected.” Consider how that universal theme applies in the novel Kindred. Think about the way Octavia Butler uses a modern-day (present) protagonist to explore an important yet controversial aspect of our past while using a science-fiction device (future). Please use specific examples from the novel as your primary source for quotes/paraphrases to support your discussion & be sure to include proper parenthetical citations for these in your essay.

Part2. Choose a visual image from a public source, (such as an online journal, magazine, newspaper, blog, news site, etc.), that you think makes a visual argument related to the universal theme, “Everything is Connected.” Evaluate & argue whether it appeals most to logos, pathos, ethos, or any combination of these rhetorical strategies in your essay response. Please review the MLA/APA guidelines for proper formatting for photographs/images from the web. Be sure to insert and/or link your photograph in the body of your response—therefore, make sure it’s an image that you are allowed to cut-and-paste and/or link to your response.


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