xplain all question and the answer and show the answer is true as a pragraph

1- What is the origin of the term liberal arts?
The disciplines that were thought necessary for the development of free democratic citizens.

2- What historical period do the cave painting in Lascaux date back to?
The historical period that keep pantings Lascaux date back to is The upper paleolithic period because the upper paleolithic period was from (50000 BC to 30000 BC). And the Lascaux cave was discovered in 1940 BC.

3- What is ontology?
The science of begin.

4-Which of the following is the aesthetic theory called Art for Art’s aske?
The theory that the purpose of art is beauty.

5-The discovery of which of the following made the interpretation of Egyptian hieroglyphs possible?
The Rosetta Stone.

6-Which mythical figure does E.A. Budge argue is the most important figure in Egyptian religion?

7-In the Epic of Gilgamesh, what does the god Ea command Utanapishtim to build?
A ship.

8-From what ancient civilization does the Epic of Gilgamesh originate?
The Mesopotamians.

9-which of the following Judeo-Christian concepts is derived from the story of the Garden of Eden?
Original Sin.

10-What does Aristotle claim are the two primary subjects of epic?
Suffering and Ethical Choices.

11-What are the three categories by which literary genres are best distinguished?
Form, Content, and style.

12-which Greek mythical figure is supposed to be the origin of lyric poetry?

13-What, in terms of content, distinguishes lyric poetry from other types of poetry?
Lyric poetry is intensely subjective.

14-Which of the following are rhetorical figures rooted in resemblance?
Metaphor, Simile, and personification.

15-Which of the following are rhetorical figures rooted in contiguity?
Metonymy, Apostrophe, and Hyperbole.

16-Which of the following is an example of the rhetorical figure of synecdoche?
“The houses are haunted / by white night-gowns.”

17-Which of the following is a Pre-Socratic philosopher?

18-Which two Pre-Socratic philosophers does Plato synthesize in his metaphysics?
Heraclitus and Parmenides.

19-What is the name of the blind prophet that shows up both in Homer’s Odyssey and in Sophocles’s Oedipus the King?

20-In Plato’s Apology, what is Socrates on trial for?
Atheism and corrupting the youth.

21-Why did the Oracle at Delphi proclaim Socrates to be the wisest man on earth?
Because he was the only one that knew that he knew nothing.

22-The Platonic dialogue as a literary form can be described as the following?
Philosophical Drama.

23-Which of the following is the common translation of Aristotle’s nothing of eudaimonia?

24-What does Aristotle claim is the end (telos) of tragedy?

25-What analogy does Lucretius use in On The Nature of Things to illustrate the mortality of the soul?
Water leaving a broken jar.

26-What term best describes Lucretius’s worldview?

27-Virgil is attempting to imitate and perfect the form of which Greek poet?

28-Horace is attempting to imitate and perfect the form of which Greek poet?

29-Ovid and Petronius make use of the following literary techniques?

30-Why was oratory a very important art in Ancient Greece and Rome?
Because of the Democratic and Republican forms of government, respectively.

31-Cicero wrote De Oratore in which of the following forms?

32-The earliest complete copy of the New Testament dates from when?
The 4th Century CE.

33-How are Christian ethics, as demonstrated in the Sermon on the Mount, importantly different from previous ethics?
A) Christ teaches non-violence.
B) Christian ethics place emphasis upon the internal, that is, intentions and thoughts.
C) Christ emphasizes the ‘least’ among us – the poor, the sick, the sinful, etc.
I) All of the above.

34-According to Augustine?
Faith takes precedence over Reason.

35-Augustine’s Confessions is the earliest historical example of which literary genre?

36-What is epistemology?
The science of knowledge.

37-What is Dante’s stanzaic structure called?
Terza rima.


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