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Action Plan

An action plan is essential but it should be formulated in a way that could enable an individual meet the targeted objectives. From the study data, the activities provided are not what I expected because apart from including specific tasks and time horizons, a successful action plan should include an action program. In addition, the activities included in the action plan are more than what I expected because it is hard to cover all the activities included in the action plan table within eight hours in a day. Some of the activities that are not vital cover more time and some, which are vital, cover less time, something that was unexpected.

Finally, in order to change the activities for them to be in accordance, scheduling of ongoing activities can be done through implementing strategies that should be followed on routine daily activities. Moreover, some changes should be done on some activities in order to balance work well. Thus, I could change the time horizon of vital activities with those, which are less vital in order to balance work well hence achieving success in the intended goals. Therefore, during the day, I will take a shower, attend class and study during morning hours and other activities should be following in the afternoon and evening.

In conclusion, an action plan is vital across all the sectors including marketing because it indicates specific tasks, how the activity is supposed to be carried out, at which time and resource allocation for that activity so that success can be achieved. In order to achieve success, strategies should be formulated in order to meet the targeted goals. Even if it takes placing of banner advertisements or organizing timetables for daily activities, there is need for an action plan that will indicate, which time the ads should be placed and the activities that should be carried out. Thus, an action plan should have well formulated strategies as well as goals that should be achieved.





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