Individual vs. Institutional Racism

Individual vs. Institutional Racism

Individual racism can be describe as the type of racism where the actions, believes and attitudes of a person are characterized race preference. This where someone has the belief a certain ethnic community is superior or inferior depending on behavioral dogma. In this situation, the person can be said to have individual racism. On the other hand, there is institution racism, which can be defined as any form of discrimination based on the color or ethnic background of a person in society. In institutional racism, the different cultures that are formed in the organizations that tend to possess some form of inequality inn them are the ones that are called institution racisms (Socyberty, 2011). The two types of racism can be compared and contrasted to show how they are interrelated together.

The two types of racism have a common element in them in that both of them tend to discriminate somebody. For example, in individual racism a person might not be served in hotel due to the community he or she belongs to. On the other hand, in an institution it might be a company policy not to hire people of a certain community. In both the situation the different people have been discriminated based on the race they belong to thus, they have been treated unequal than others. In this case, the two types of racism can therefore have a similarity in that it is the discrimination of another person.

On the other hand, the two types of racism have some differences in them. In individual racism, it is where a person who has abuses another person because of his or her race, color or ethnic background (Socyberty, 2011). For instance, when a person refuses to greet another person because of his or her race it could be said that it is racism. This act has been done by one person to another. On the other hand, institutional racism is when a certain culture or rule that has been created tend to be racists towards a certain group of people (Socyberty, 2011). For instance, a company might have a policy where it does not hire certain people in the management team due to there race. In this situation, it is a policy of the institution and not an individual who has committed the act as it is in individual racism.

However, one of the racism can lead to another in the way they are derived. Individual racism can lead to institutional racism. This is because institutional racism was started by one person then it led to institutional racism. For instance, one of the owners of the company might refuse to higher people of a certain community in his or her company. When the others see this, they make it a policy of the company without writing. Therefore, when the company fails to employ people from that community due to what the owner did, it becomes an institutional racism.

On the other hand, institutional racism cannot lead to individual racism. This is because the in institutional racism it must come from one person to formulate into an institution. However, it can be possible if the a person who is not from the institution comes into the institution, he or she can adopt the policy and uses it to discriminate another person in relation to his or her race, color or ethnic community. Therefore, if it was viewed in this situation then individual racism could be derived from institutional racism.

In conclusion, racism can be defined when a person tends to treat another person unequally because of his or her race, color or community. In racism, there are different types of racism where individual racism and institutional racism are types. Individual racism is when a person tends to treat the other person unequally as opposed to institutional racism is where a policy tends to treat people of a certain group unequally. These two types of racism can be used to derive each other. For instance, institutional racism can be derived from individual racism and on the other hand, individual racism can be derived from institutional racism based on the certain situations only. However, this two can be said to have a certain similarity but they also have differences, which are very notable. Therefore, the two types of racism should not be considered to have the same but it should be noted that one could be used to derive the other.



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