Family Circle only publishes 15 magazines in a year, but when an issue comes out, everybody scrambles to read the amazing stories. The magazine which commenced its publication in 1932 organizes an event twice per annum where editors, readers and all other stakeholders come together to celebrate the organization’s growth over the years. I had an opportunity to visit the last event that had an immense impact on my life. I have had the desire, as an adamant fan of the magazine, to attend one of the occasions that regularly bring together influential people. I learned from the experience that it is important to stick as one family, and that reading widens a person’s cognitive skills.


Have you ever attended a function where speakers give motivational speeches that touch you, and you feel like a different person? I found myself in that position a couple of months ago when I attended one of the events Family Circle holds twice per annum. The initial hours of the event when guests were still arriving were full of entertaining performances. A performance by the Hawks of Romania (an acrobatic team that traces its origin from Romania) for instance, caught every person’s attention and left every attendee wondering how a normal human being can perform weird acts such as standing on nails and consuming metallic substances.

Speeches commenced after the entrainment was over and every person remained quite to listen to the motivational speakers who talked about different issues. The addresses were placed in order starting with editors, then motivational speakers, and finally therapists in family matters. Every speaker gave an inspirational speech which focused on different topics, and after that, people present in the occasion had the opportunity to interact with each other as they enjoyed the wide variety of foods.


The event brought together people from different backgrounds who served important roles in making the occasion successful. All the editors from Family Circle were present, as well as individuals who collect stories from various locations. A few publishers offered guidance during the program, especially when introducing new entertainment groups or speakers. Motivational speakers from across the country were also present to participate in the event. Some of the renowned motivational speakers who turned up for the occasion were Wayne Dyer, Jim Rohn, and Zig Ziglar.

All the attendees were smartly dressed and were jovial judging by the smiles on their faces, and by the constant interactions that happened in the arena. The audience could note the high spirit in any speaker who addressed the congregation on that day. Wayne Dyer, for example, talked about the need to come together regardless of our cultural differences with so much vigor that amazed many people. He asserted that he believes in the ideology that togetherness fosters growth and unity which is what every person requires. I also noted a few therapists who publish their articles in Family Circle such as Steve de Shazer, Cloe Madanes, and Robin Skynner who all gave speeches that transformed my way of thinking. I remember meeting a Latino girl, about 25 years of age, who told me that she has been reading Family Circle since she was young. Her smart outfit attracted me, and I decided to greet her. She said that she particularly loves the sections where ladies acquire dressing tips, as well as insight on how to keep the house clean. The Latino girl was part of the audience that had attended the show as regular readers of the magazine.


The event took place at the Barclays Center arena in Brooklyn from ten in the morning to four in the evening. The venue serves as the primary place where the events occur whenever the magazine company holds the event. The organizers of the show prefer the location because it is larger in size and has a large stage that can allow many activities to run at the same time. The venue has large windows which allow enough air to get in and has beautiful decorations on the wall which make the place more attractive.

The vast and beautiful hall contributed towards the high spirit witnessed inside the arena. Adequate space inside the large room made it possible for guests and other visitors to move freely and this promoted socialization. Some people could even dance to some of the music sung by symphonic bands that performed during the entertainment hours. The attractive decorations on the wall played key roles in ensuring that the people present remain patient until the event came to an end. I guess that many individuals could have left the venue before time if the place was dull, and without anything to catch their attention when nothing was happening on the stage. The site also helped the exercise to run because it has several doors which made movement easier. Individuals could enter through certain doors, and leave using designated exit points. The principal limitation with the venue, however, is that it has a small car park that could not allow all the vehicles to fit in comfortably. Some guests had to park their automobiles car parks beyond the arena’s premise though nothing bad happened to their cars.


My prime desire to tell the story is to show how individuals can learn valuable lessons by attending events that bring together motivational speakers and other intellectuals. The celebration taught me the essence of uniting with others regardless of their background. I acquired the awareness that every person is equal irrespective of their background. I came to a conclusion because the guests at the occasion, and who had an outstanding qualification in their respective areas came from diverse cultural backgrounds. Even though they all had different accents, they shared a common ideology that racism is incorrect. I also consider the event to be important to me because I acquired vital lessons on how to keep the family happy. I learned that as I child, one should heed to their parents and instructors’ teachings similarly to when they become old enough to take care of themselves. The motivational speeches informed me that it is important to come together as a family in times of problem and find the suitable way out of the stalemate.

I realized that the event changed my way of thinking, especially when it comes to reading. Many speakers stressed the importance of reading being an occasion that sought to promote a literature material. The occurrence informed me that it is not wise to despise any reading material provided that it is valid and acceptable to be informative. I gained the perception that even though literature articles focus on different topics, it is wiser to spend time and identify sources that pass relevant information in our lives. Finally, the occasion informed me that acquiring a broad range of information expands a person’s reasoning capacity, and also exposes readers and researchers to a lot of knowledge that they can apply in their lives. For instance, I learned that readers could acquire skills on how to cook, how to solve family issues and awareness on technological advancements through reading magazines such as Family Circle and others.


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