Nursing Journal





Nursing Journal

30th January 2017

On this day I supervised the children’s drawing session as well as hand washing program in the afternoon. I helped instill the importance of hygiene in the children’s activities as it minimizes the contact and availability of germs. I learned that children could be receptive and follow up on the demonstrations made. It easier for them to imitate what they visualize on a regular basis. Also, safety is better prevented other than treated at a later stage. One of the negatives about the experience was with the two-year-olds who at times were uncontrollable. They should be handled with comfort and appreciation.

1st February 2017

Before the lunch session with the children, I was to instruct the on the nutrition demands as well as proper feeding habits. I encouraged them to be seated while having their meals at all times and always ensure that they take water. I also revealed to them that it would make them grow and become developed. One of the positive things about the experience is that as I was instructing them on meals and water, they became active and made sure they took water after the meal with happy faces. On the negative, some were not able to eat and remove their plates. The children require patience in dealing with them.

3rd February 2017

Immediately after the afternoon session, the children engaged in the playtime activities as they waited for their parents’ arrival. While at the playground, I ensured maximum safety as means of preventing any injury or unwanted accident in the process. I realized that children enjoy physical exercise as it helps strengthen their growth and development. It was positive to see the happy faces and joyful hearts as they played. One of the adverse experiences was the sight of isolated children who did not want to engage with others. It is recommended that children should be encouraged to socialize and mingle from their tender ages.


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