Performance Gap Reflection

Performance Gap Reflection





Performance Gap Reflection

Performance gap is the measurement of the difference between the intended goal and the present status or position in order to reevaluate the performance strategies. What can I do to land my dream internship? I would want to land an ideal internship in one of the fortune 500 companies but presently, I am not certain I can land my dream internship in any of the said companies. There exists a performance gap between what would qualify me for an internship at a Fortune 500 company and my present status by my goal board.

The current performance gap has been facilitated by some factors that have cumulatively contributed to the shortfall. One of the root causes is poor grades which reduce my competitive ability in a pool of Ivy-League and other better performing candidates. Fortune 500s select the crème de la crème to intern at their companies in an attempt to enhance their workforce as most interns are absorbed into the organization’s intellectual capital. Another factor that has caused the performance gap is the fact that most companies are located away from home, and I am afraid that I might get in, and accommodation logistics hinder the internship. I was worried that I would move away from home and the distance from my family would affect my performance during the internship. Therefore, I unconsciously sabotaged my chances of qualifying for the internship. The weather is also another contributing factor mainly because I have health issues that require I maintain a certain climate and I am worried that I could land an internship and fail to attend because of the same. Health problems and accommodation problems in the event I land the internship have led to my poor grades because I have been stressing over matters thus taking a toll on my studies.

I realized that the performance gap I was having was associated with my character as a pessimistic person. I tend to self-sabotage when I an uncertain or faced with the unknown and high-risk situations, which has caused the performance gap. I have decided to reevaluate the resources I have and divert all of them towards improving my grades and getting back on the track of my dream internship (Jonathan Mills, 2016). I have devised a plan of action that I hope will address the cause of the gap to bridge it. First, I will need to improve my performance in order to increase my chances of being shortlisted. I will take extra credit courses and hire a private tutor to improve my grades which I expect will holistically give me an edge while applying for the internship. I have identified a support group within my campus for students that live away from their friends and family to help me deal with the separation anxiety I might experience if I get the internship. The support group will help me prepare myself psychologically on how to deal and adapt to a new city or environment away from my family. Recently, I was introduced to a life-coach who is helping me deal with my pessimism and self-sabotage, and I hope to make tremendous improvements that will holistically help me uphold the positive steps I am taking in ensuring I land that dream internship.

Performance gaps can seem wide and force the reevaluation of goal attainment strategies, but the resource allocation is imperative to narrowing the gap (JSW Australia, 2015). For instance, I realized that my life goals were being hindered by my mind and character and refocusing my energies and time will help improve the quality of life I live as well as achieve my short term and long term goals. Changing my attitude towards risk taking will be fundamental in reaching my desired aim. I have realized by refocusing my resources towards landing my dream internship I will improve my life by changing my attitude towards life and being less pessimistic.



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