Website and Cosmetic Industry


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1.0. Introduction……………………………………………………………………………………1

1.1. Background of the study………………………………………………………………………..1

1.2. Reasons for the study………………………………………………………………………1

1.3. Themes for the research………………………………………………………………………..2

2.0. Research    questions………………………………………………………………………….3

3.0. Literature review ………………………………………………………………………………3

3.1. How are cosmetics advertised on websites?……………………………………………………………….5

3.2. What are the advantages of website advertisement for cosmetics?………………………………..7 Computer-based instructions…………………………………………………………………….10

3.3. What are the advantages of organic cosmetics?………………………………………………………..11

3.4. Conclusion………………………………………………………………………………….12

Major contributions of the Research…………………………………………………………13

Controversies in the research…………………………………………………………………13

Summary of the research………………………………………………………………….…15

4. References……………………………………………………………………………….……16







1.0. Introduction

1.1 Background of the study

The alteration of ones appearance and looks through cosmetics has been practiced for more than a hundred years since the ancient Egyptian and Greek times. Egyptian aristocrats applied paint to their faces while the Romans applied perfumes to their baths to smell nice. However, the commercial cosmetics industry dealing with beauty products kicked off in the early 20th century, giving rise to hair products, cosmetics and diets aimed at making women more attractive. The 1950s entrance of the television saw further development of cosmetic products like mascara, colored powder, and other varieties of make-ups that laid the foundation for today’s cosmetic industry. This saw the premier of popular television soap operas, which were sponsored by beauty companies. The 1960s saw the emergence of eyelashes and soaps that were famed for changing the facial look of their users. This rapid growth has seen the beauty and cosmetic industry emerge as a major player in global trade and the fashion industry (Epstein & Fitzgerald, 2009). Today the Cosmetic and beauty industry averages more than $20 billion in sales with strong domination by hair and skin care products that are highly advertised in print and on television.

1.2 Reasons for the study

The development of the cosmetic and women beauty industry has been accompanied by the rise of a variety of cosmetics that are aimed at further improving the appearance of their users. The 1960s saw the emergence of natural cosmetics that bordered on botanical ingredients and extracts. The rise of the natural and organic cosmetic products has launched the beauty and cosmetic industry to new frontiers, which has helped meet the need of millions of American women whose confidence is defined by their beauty. The rise of organic cosmetics has seen strong growth in revenue from advertising channels across the print and electronic media in America and Europe (Begoun, 2003). This advertisement growth due to the natural and organic cosmetics industry forms the backdrop for this research analysis. This is aimed at analyzing the relevance of a cosmetic advertisement website that integrates all types of information for American cosmetics users. This website will guide the manner in which organic cosmetics will be advertised.

Additional interest on this research topic has been caused by the minimal research tasks that have been undertaken in the past on organic cosmetics and the use of websites advertisements. This has been due to the expansion of the cosmetic industries with hundreds of products spread in beauty and cosmetics. This is also evident by the emergence of newer cosmetic products that are occasionally introduced to the market by different companies globally. Due to the controversies that surround the cosmetic industry, a research analysis is deemed fit. This is due to the health and environmental concerns that arise due to the use of organic and natural cosmetics that have flooded the American market (Kay, 2005). This prevalence attributed to the high channels of advertisements adopted directly by companies’ affects the use of websites as channels of advertisement. This necessitates a research study to identify the different paths that can be taken on website advertisement of cosmetics amidst a backlash from health and environmental lobby groups. The rise of computer-based models for creating attention to the public is also a major reason for this study. This is due to the development of internet-based innovations that can reach a wide group of customers while providing individual guidelines and attention to product user (Sweeney, 2006). This has created the need for adoption of websites to display cosmetic products to American users.



1.3 Themes for the research

The area of beauty cosmetics will be reviewed by tackling different themes. The research will evaluate the theme of cosmetics and analyze the relevance of using websites for cosmetics advertisements. The analysis will evaluate the importance of women in the general cosmetic industry. It will then review the entrance of the organic cosmetics and their contribution in cosmetics and beauty. This analysis will thereafter form a ground for building a website for organic cosmetics.

2.0 Research questions.

The research question is essential since it identifies the phenomenon that is under investigation. It forms part of the methodological step to investigate the objective of the research. This research will be guided by three main research questions, which will help in obtaining information, which is feasible for decision making.

  1. How are cosmetic advertised on websites.
  2. What is the advantage of website advertise for cosmetics.
  3. What is the advantage of organic cosmetics?

3.0 Literature review

Investigations from the United States Census Bureau show that internet marketing has arisen as a multi-billion industry with major firms enlisting the use of internet connectivity to created additional forums through which their customers and the general public can access information and purchases of the favorite consumer products. According to Sherrow (2000), cosmetic companies have trudged along this path with all major beauty and cosmetic companies having fully functional websites through which they advertise their products. Websites have therefore become a mode of generating additional business than other channels of advertisements with the internet being accessible from a click of a button. This has enabled the easy purchase of products, which has boosted online shopping. Popular beauty and cosmetic writers and journalists have asked whether cosmetic companies are smart enough to spend finances in building and maintaining websites to enhance the cosmetic business. From data provided from the internet, all major cosmetic companies have websites that act as a marketing and information source to the public. These include P & G, Mary Kay, Avon, MAC, Revlon and Unilever and they have fully functional web sites that act as the link with the public. Cosmetic companies have realized that expansion into the global market is held by their adoption of internet innovations. This view is supported by companies like P & G expansion of global scales for its brands.

According to Sweeney (2006), increase in sales of cosmetic brands has been attributed to adoption of internet marketing. Sweeney and Springer view on the relevance of websites and internet for cosmetic advertising are supported by Smiths assertion that assertion that the future of the cosmetic industries lies on electronic marketing (Smith, 2007). There exist different benefits accruing due to use of internet as advertisement channels for cosmetics and beauty products. According to Jablonski and Chaplin, global growth in trade will only be replicated in the cosmetic industry if company adopts global internet changes. According to Plummer, internet is a modern factor of production that will highlight the direction that cosmetic products in America and Europe will take (Plummer, 2007). However, the confusion between website advertising and other internet advertisement channels like social channels and search engines requires the need for further research on the use of websites as advertisement channels for cosmetics. This will help to distinguish between website advertising and other internet-enabled advertisements.


3.1 How are cosmetics advertised on websites?

Cosmetic product information

Different cosmetic companies have adopted different advertising channels for their products in their websites. In their websites different features have been integrated that offer information on cosmetics to members of the public who visit this websites. Cosmetics are advertised on company websites by using small advertisements that are portrayed on the home page of the website. This advertisement will show illustrations of specific company products and their features. In more developed websites, there will be alternating pictures showing different cosmetics. These products can be seen cascading across the website, which helps in catching the attention of the viewer (Sutherland & Sylvester, 2009). Upon clicking of the picture, information on the product selected appears with an in depth product profiler giving the product, its profile, quality and buying price.

Personal information and advice

Websites also offer opportunities where cosmetic users can sign in using their email address to be receiving news, periodical and offers on the company cosmetics. By signing up to this website, the respondent joins the company’s profile whereby she can receive any information on the products. One can also receive beauty magazines that are produced by the beauty company. They have also enabled cosmetic products users to have individual accounts through which one on one liaison between the cosmetic companies and the client can happen. This communication allows the company to have real time advice on cosmetic use. This professional advice is crucial especially incases where a customer has limited knowledge and information on the risks and benefits of a particular cosmetic product.


Communication of shopping information

Cosmetics are advertised on websites by blogs and testimonial where visitors can be able to post the needs and views to the company. This avenue is crucial in order to offer information about the products and for the users to give their views on the different features of the cosmetic. By using a website, information on trends and special offers for the cosmetics products is given to the consumers. Additionally, websites give information on different shops and brands of the company and the nearest retail shops that stock the preferred cosmetic. They also offer information on online shopping incase the consumer wants to purchase any of the products. This is attained by providing shopping information and the nature of financial transactions that are allowed for the product.

Cosmetic and beauty trends

It has been proved that women value their appearance, which explains why they invest their money, time and energy to ensure that their faces appear beautiful. This requires that beauty messages be availed to women to ensure that they receive information on the latest cosmetic and beauty trends. The growth of the cosmetic industry since 1950 shows that there is no standard beauty standards for women (Underhill, 2010). Beauty trends keep on emerging with different fashion styles replacing one another. This replacement is seen in the cosmetic industry with variety of beauty products being produced every year. This entire cosmetic products border on one major reason; to make the modern woman more beautiful.

3.2 What are the advantages of website advertisement for cosmetics?

Cosmetic companies have developed different brands of cosmetics that have different features. These products are produced according to standards of quality, which are provided by different government licensing and regulatory authorities. After production of these quality products, it is essential for the cosmetic company to advertise these products and the beauty practices of the company to the women. Websites are preferred for different reasons. A website provides interest and information to women who visit the site. Due to the stiff competition that exists in the cosmetic products industry, providing adequate information to women gives them power (Rhodes & Jeffrey, 2000). This information is primarily important to ensure that women adopt the product as part of the elusive beauty they all seek. Good looks and appearance are a priority to every woman, which will make them choose cosmetic products that will complement their beauty by making them more respected, appreciated and admired. A website will therefore be used to act directly with theses group of women to show the how the product is the ideal solution to their beauty needs. The ability of the website to give beautiful photographic illustration of the product using beautiful models with smooth and beautiful faces is essential in persuading women to have an interest on the product (Sweeney, 2006).

Convenience in online purchase of cosmetics

The convenience that is provided by website in delivering cosmetic messages to women allows them to access products globally 24 hours, 365 days a year. A website is helpful since it allows women to search for beauty products and make online purchases. A website ensures that access to cosmetic products is never closed for business. This allows women to shop anytime. The value of beauty to women is incomparable (Kay, 2005). Therefore, provision of these products at convenient ways allows them to access their favorite beauty products at any time. Additionally, an online purchase of these beauty products allows the shipping and delivery of the products to be quick and on time. This acts as a further incentive to women to adopt the use of the cosmetic product, which is of quality and readily available.


Generation of cosmetic product information

Due to the emergence of toxic cosmetics that contain poisonous chemicals that endanger the skin and health of women, it is important to provide information that does not amount to false branding. It is also essential for consumers to be provided enough information and help on cosmetic products and their effects on their health. A website serve this unique purposes by providing information on the product, procedures of application, specifications and special help lines (Bermejo, 2007). Cosmetic companies have integrated website advertising with help lines where beauty experts give essential tips on usage of beauty products. This channel is also used to initiate personal communication with women customers who can log to the accounts and ask personal questions on the products, its effect on their health and their beauty needs. Although the cosmetic industry is wholly driven by a woman choice on beauty, the presence of a beauty expert is essential to guide women. This is due to the toxic cosmetics and false advertisement by companies on these products.

Availability of expert’s advice and recommendations

A website will help eradicate this mistrust by users on products by allowing experts to give their views on the cosmetic. Furthermore, questions and answers session with website viewers are essential to allow, them ask question on beauty and cosmetics. When a website accommodates blogs and testimonial, it gives women a platform to communicate between themselves on beauty and cosmetic products. This exchange of information is valued since it allows them to review cosmetic products and their effects on appearance. To women beauty is a personal and a source of inner confidence that wins them respect, attention and power (Betton, 2007). A website achieves this by acting as a resource of information and giving helpful tips that gives women a reason to come back to the website. A website allows a woman to explore a company history and products unlimitedly. A website places cosmetic products in front of the audience. When the prospect clicks on the site to see cosmetic products that satisfy her beauty needs they will become regular visitors to the site, which will allow them to explore the site. By strategically placing information on the website using different computer aided features, women will receive information on different products ranging from hair products, make up, lotions and tips that are valuable in their quest of beauty and appearance improvement.

Computer-based instructions

When a woman looks good, she will feel good (Copeman, 2009). This is because it will affect they way that she perceives herself and transform her into a beautiful woman. However, many women do not have adequate information on how to use cosmetics and makeup to improve their looks. A computer aided instruction plan is therefore important in giving a woman, step by step instruction on how to use beauty products, apply make up, avoid destructive cosmetics and how to integrate cosmetics and make ups to appear pretty, confident and transformed. This computer-based instruction will allow a user to receive data on cosmetic application procedures) Smith, 2007). These instructions will be relayed to the user upon request via the company’s website. A communication will therefore be initiated where the cosmetic users will be guided on the application of the cosmetic. This is important to ensure that the cosmetic product is applied to the right parts of the skin, right quantity and most important the right product.

These computer based instructions acts as learning model that creates lessons to the user through Question and Answer forum on the cosmetic product. It also answers all queries from all women on the product by providing a forum where they can get answers from beauty experts. When a website incorporates computer based function, they allow the user to learn practices like it would happen in a real scenario with the cosmetic expert. It enables women to become independent and aware of cosmetic application and product information.

3.3. What are the advantages of organic cosmetics?

The best way that women can use make up is the one that helps them appear as though they are wearing none (Begoun, 2003). Precautionary steps have been introduced due to the harmful effects of chemical based cosmetics to women. The emergence of organic cosmetics has arisen as an alternative to the use of chemical beauty products that have been wholly blamed for the rise in breast cancer, brain damage and birth defects. This has also arisen due to emergence of unscrupulous cosmetic dealers who do not value quality and health.

Health benefits

Organic cosmetic products have 100 percent natural components (Sweeney, 2006). Whereas chemical based cosmetics has components that can be absorbed into the blood, organic cosmetics contain natural products like Aloe Vera, herbs, turmeric powders, neem tree leaves and roses that have a healing effect on women faces. These organic cosmetics have been developed to give women a choice not to use products that dry out the beautiful flower with no life existing in its skin (InTabor & InBlair, 2009).Although beauty is crucial to improve the appearance and confidence of the modern woman, their health and body are more important. Choices on the type of cosmetic product to use should be directed by the health concerns that are attributed to the particular product.

Due to the health concerns related with chemical based cosmetic products, women should adopt the use of organic beauty products due to their wide array of benefits. Organic cosmetics do not contain chemicals that are toxic to the skin of the users. This because organic products do not contain talc that dries the user’s skin sliding the face and causes cracks on the skin. While chemical cosmetic products contain carcinogens like diethanolamine, lead, tar and mercury, organic products are a rich source of nourishing fruits and oils that allow the skin to breathe (Epstein & Fitzgerald, 2009). This is the main reason why there are no risks of allergies in using organic products. Although cosmetic products are produced under the façade of making women beautiful, they gradually strip their skin of its natural beauty by causing a build up of chemical compounds that are absorbed to the users’ body silently. On the other hand, organic cosmetics are highly beneficial since they do not make the body vulnerable to carcinogens.

Medicinal and nourishment benefits

In the quest to make the skin beautiful and attractive, organic cosmetics are medicinal and nourishing (Rhodes & Jeffrey). They have anti-flammatory features that ensure that the skin is calm and soft during abrasive conditions like hot weather. They also contain jojoba oil, Shea butter and beeswax that strengthen the turgidity of the skin. Other organic powders applied on the skin contain natural illuminators like Sericite Mica and Mica that prevent of skin pores and wrinkles (Underhill, 2010). The presence of these components shows the extents to which natural beauty products are concerned about the health, beauty and well-being of the modern woman. These natural products clear the confusion between being attractive by using cosmetics laced with chemical toxins and looking young, healthy and beautiful with natural products.

When the cosmetic product outlives its usefulness in improving appearance and beauty, it is discarded. This happens after the emergence of a new product that is more appealing to the user. After its discarding, many cosmetic products are not biodegradable (Diller, et al, 2010). This means that the chemicals contained in these products will be harmful to the environment since they cannot be degraded. On the other hand organic cosmetics lack chemicals that make cosmetics harmful to the environment. Using these products is easy since they contain natural ingredients that are not harmful to the environment.

3.4. Conclusion

Literature review conclusion

The beauty and cosmetic industry heavily relies on advertising to provide information on products to women. This communication is crucial to ensure that women receive viable information on quality cosmetics that will improve the appearance and make them more beautiful. This study has shown to extents that websites can be adopted in the cosmetic industry. Although websites have been attributed as one of the modern channels that will replace the traditional adverting through magazines and newspaper, background information on its importance to the cosmetic industry has been lacking. Despite major companies embracing internet channels like websites for online advertising and marketing, smaller cosmetic companies and retail outlets are slowly adopting this channel. This task has shown the importance of drifting from the traditional company information on websites to product information. This has necessitated the importance of incorporating cosmetic products in websites in addition to employing other internet based advertising avenues like emails and search engines. This has derived contribution on the importance of using websites to achieve the two fold purposes of cosmetic advertising that border on the company and the product.

Contributions on organic cosmetics have helped understand the specific reasons why natural cosmetics have arose as the best replacement for chemical based cosmetics. This has been achieved by highlighting the particular components of organic cosmetics and their benefits to the skin. Although, cosmetics are meant to improve the beauty and appearance of women, the environmental concerns of the industry have been highlighted. Most of cosmetic products used have negative effects on the environment, which reduces the ability of the environment to conserve and sustain life.

Modern controversies on the themes of the research.

Controversies surrounding cosmetic advertisements and false branding have seen cosmetic companies banned from online advertisement due to creation of false impression to the users of the products (Copeman, 2009). This has arisen after companies advise women to use specific products that turn out to be below standards required by the. This research therefore highlights the use of website advertisement to correct the controversies that exist due to cosmetics advertising. When a cosmetic advertisement is placed in a website, it is more appealing since it shows it is a valid product of the specific company. The website will additionally contain further information on the product, help lines. A visitor will be able to explore the website to obtain quality information on the company, other cosmetic products, its vision and blogs that show views from other women users.

Additionally, the use of cosmetics has welcomed different views from different corners. According to Begoun, 2003, cosmetic industry has caused the rise of health conditions that were relatively unknown in the last 30 years. This is due to the harmful effects of chemicals contained in these products. Environmental critics have on the other hand cast a finger of blame on the cosmetic industry for causing environmental degradation. The cosmetic industry has joined the bandwagon of industries that constantly put the ability of the environment to support future generation in doubt (Jablonski & Chaplin, 2000). This conflicts and controversies require the generation of benefits of organic cosmetic products to ensure the health of users and conserve the general environment. This research bridges this difference by introducing the importance organic products to the users. It also responds on why the use of cosmetic may have a negative effect on the environment. According to the research the beauty and health of the modern woman lies on their use of organic products. Coincidentally this information on organic products is a rich source of data that can be included in organic website to create awareness to women on the products, their uses, benefits and prices.

Summary of the research

The research was essential to investigate the importance of websites in the cosmetic industry. This evaluation would helped to review when website can be adopted in creating awareness on different practices of the cosmetic industry including organic products, information, users needs and beauty tips and advice. Additionally this analysis would help develop the benefits that are present when cosmetic companies adopt the use of websites. In the backdrop of evolution of organic beauty products, this analysis aimed at highlighting the advantages that lie with use of organic cosmetics. It compared these benefits to the controversies on chemical based cosmetics to give justifications why organic cosmetics should be adopted by women.


















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