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  1. Discuss how the establishment of an organizational infrastructure that supports the integration of a career and succession plan competency models and value systems can help employees overcome the doom loop with respect to understanding your own career status.
Success of a given organization is highly determined and influenced by the choice and quality of infrastructure. On daily basis critical organization workers are attaining retirement age. However, the main challenge is to get the right person to inherit the position and have the capability to ensure that the absence of retiring staff won’t be felt negatively by the organization. Succession planning can be simply be defined as a method of doing replacements in critical organization p

Architecture, Building and Planning

A presentation on Two Architects Name of the Student: Course: Institution: Lecturer: Date: In our modern society, our cities shine with spectacular infrastructure and buildings. This owes to the Architectural evolution resulting from dedicated works of some famous architects such as Joao Vilanova Artigas and Paulo Mendes da Rocha. Their works have influenced other architectural designs worldwide as both have won various awards in outstanding design. Joao Vilanova Artigas a generation older than Paulo Mendes da Rocha was born in 1915 in Curitiba (Zein, 2008) a time when his country was politically unstable. However, in 1937 he successfully completed his architectural course at Polytechnic University of Sao Paulo and was awarded certificate as engineer architect. His interest in architecture was later implemented when he pioneered the construction of School of Architecture and Planning of Sao Paulo in 1948 when he was still part of the Communist party. Political differences meant t


Name Tutor Course Date Diego Maradona Soccer fans and pundits alike will always include the name of Diego Armando Maradona when talking about the greatest player to grace a football pitch. Born in 1960 in Buenos Aires Argentina, Diego is without doubt, one of the best talents to be witnessed in soccer history; an accomplishment of sheer skills and talent mixed with controversy. His, is a fairy tale story of a boy raised in a struggling family, who rose to be a star in an epic soccer career. Diego is the best Maradona began his football career in his native Argentina playing for Argentino’s juniors from 1976 to 198(Maradona 14) 1. During this period, Diego had missed out a chance to play at the 1978 World Cup, where Argentina won the tournament despite scoring over 100 goals for his club. He did have his chance to participate in an official championship, playing for the under twenty national team in 1979, Tokyo Japan. Maradona was in fine form, helping the team win the youth ch


Name Tutor Course Date Marriot International Just like in other key areas of life, technological advancement has had a positive influence on marketing. It has enhanced the development of new marketing channels and methods. One such method is mobile marketing. This involves marketing using a mobile device. Different organizations have adopted mobile marketing to acquire competitive advantage. One such organization is Marriot international. Initially, Marriott Mobile had been utilized as a directory for its 13 chains and 3,000 hotel properties. In august 2008, a relaunch was executed with the aim of upgrading the functionality of Marriot Mobile. Prior to the relaunch, mobile users were usually forced to call the actual hotel or visit the Marriot website to book reservations, make changes to the existing reservations or manage their rewards accounts. The relaunch introduced the mobile site that led to a $2 million gross revenue between August and December 2008. It was deemed a funda


Name Tutor Course Date Zeitoun As a non-fiction book published in 2009 and written by Dave Eggers, Zeitoun narrates the experiences of Abdulrahman Zeitoun, a Syrian-America following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Having encouraged his family to evacuate after the hurricane warnings, he is left behind in New Orleans to take care of his home, his business and rentals. He is later arrested on a charge of looting. Based on his Middle Eastern and Islamic origin, he faces unprecedented torture in the hands of his captors. He is finally released and three years later he starts to rebuild his life. Though it might be perceived that the major aim was to narrate Zeitoun’s story and the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, it underlying aim was to illuminate on such issues as discrimination, islamaphobia, politics, incompetence of the judicial system and the tenets of the war on terror. Prior to 9/11 Islamaphobia existed only in premise. Security concerns increased its precedence in no

Human Resources and Accounting in International Business

Human Resources and Accounting in International Business Name Institution Human Resources and Accounting in International Business Ethnocentric staffing involves the process of staffing the top positions in a foreign subsidiary with expatriates from the organization’s home country. Expatriates are deemed fir to represent the major interests of the home office by ensuring that the operations of the foreign offices are aligned to those of the headquarters (Gong, 2013). In most cases it involves selecting expatriates from the organization’s existing employees in the home country and transferring them to the foreign subsidiary. Conversely polycentric staffing involves the process through which a foreign subsidiary will recruit host-country nationals for all available positions in the organization from the executive to the mail room clerks. This usually takes place when an organization establishes a foreign subsidiary in such developed countries as Australia, Canada, Japan and Eu


Research Design. This study will seek to identify the effects of implementing Electronic Medical Records system on administrative and medical staff. It is a qualitative research that seeks to collect information and data concerning implementation of EMR. A qualitative research will be appropriate in this study, because it will enable a researcher to investigate and get insights into the effects of implementing EMR so as to deliver a comprehensive description. This research attempts to illustrate the current state of hospitals using manual records and the effect of implementing EMR on administrative and medical staff. The transition to EMR corresponds to a paradigm shift for administrative and medical staff, both in terms of the design of clinical processes and management of patient information. The process of transitioning will entail not only the process transformations intrinsic in the use of a new system, but also the procedural and technical training. It will also lead to changes

Classic English Literature

Name Instructor Course Date Listening Paper Assignment Question 1             The situation I was in during the formation of the listening diary was presentation of my speech to the class. During the presentation, I not only made the speech, but I also listened to the information I was passing to the other students. Question 2             My dominant listening style was content-oriented. My major interest was on the quality of the message that I passed to the other students. I chose this style because it allowed me to evaluate the quality of ideas contained in my speech.  Question 3             I engaged in selective listening and ambushing. Selective listening was due to my focus on the interesting parts of the speech, while ignoring the other parts. Under ambushing, I listened for any weaknesses in my speech. My typical

What work inspired your creative work and how did that work inspire you?

  • Please see calendar for the last day you can turn this assignment in
  • Original creative work
  • 250-500 word essay
  • 100 points
Write an original poem, short story or dramatic monologue inspired by one of the works read for class, Songs of innocence and Songs of Experience William Blake, Diary of a Madman Nikola Gogol, and Antigone by Sophocles and then write a short examination of the process. How is literature created? Although Literary Heritage is primarily a study of the effects of literature after creation, it remains important to understand how it is created in the first place. This assignment is designed to allow you to become an author—that is to create a work of literature. This assignment has two components: the original creative work and the analysis of creation. Part One: Original Creative Work This portion will not be graded on content. That is

How would you explain the audit risk model to the decision makers at AV Imports and Exports?

A major focus of this module is the audit risk model for assessment of risk, as well as the various types of risk that must be assessed.

As a partner in the CPA firm Dewey, Wright, and Moore, you have decided to accept the engagement and take on AV Imports and Exports as a client. You begin the audit by assessing the risk of the engagement. In order to make this risk assessment, you use the audit risk model. The audit committee of AV Imports and Exports seeks an explanation of how your risk assessment was accomplished for the engagement.
How would you explain the audit risk model to the decision makers at AV Imports and Exports? Research risk assessment using your textbook and the Argosy University online library resources and prepare a response. In your response, include the following:
  • A general summary to present your un

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