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Overarching Issues: Diversity, Multiculturalism

he Abreu article you were asked to read this week presents a list of benefits for an organization in developing a culturally diverse workforce. Select one of the benefits Ms. Abreu identified and summarize your understanding of the benefit and why you believe this benefit is import. Use the recommended articles to support your arguments and views. Be sure to explain your ideas and support your arguments fully. And last, what does do these benefits mean to you as an HRM? What policies might you develop and implement as HRM to ensure your company achieves these benefits

English 101

English 101

Family Nurse Practitioner

Your current role in nursing and your career goals ( currently I am working in a Rehabilitation Hospital as a clinical liaison nurse) o Your reasons for pursuing an advanced degree in nursing o Your reasons for choosing to apply for the MSN-Family NP program (please make sure to specify the program somewhere within your essay)


What is your opinion about virtual health care from a care perspective and from a business perspective? - How does your future job relate to this subject?

Analysis of a Written Advertisement Argument

Today the average person in the United States is saturated with advertisements–on television, on billboards, buses, and buildings, in magazines and newspapers. Advertisements are used to sell a point of view, promote a charity, or support political leaders. And, of course, they are used to sell commercial products. Think of all the products you use in a day: toothpaste, cereals, tissue paper, shampoo, blow dryers, jeans, t-shirts, soft drinks, bottled water, radios, computers. The list goes on and on. How many of these products do you absolutely need? And how many of those products that you use are brand names? Why do people want Calvin Klein's name on their underwear, "Levi's" on their back pocket, or a favorite team logo on their caps? Because the purpose of advertisement is to persuade viewers to buy or support something, it is crucial that today's informed citizen learns to analyze carefully the strategies used in advertisements. Through the critical analysis of all kinds of c

English 101

A one-paragraph proposal for the final project   The proposal should briefly describe the modality your test will address and include a very short rationale – in other words, what kind of test will you be developing, for whom, and why? What is skill or skills that you will test?     Purpose of the assessment:   What is/are the purpose(s) for which the assessment is being developed. What are you assessing?


Format:  approximately 5 to 6 pages, double-spaced, with no more than one-inch margins on all sides, and 12-point font.  Do not skip lines between paragraphs or at the beginning of the paper.   Due:  Upload your paper to Turnitin Dropbox in Bb by Wednesday March 1, 2017, 11:30 pm at the latest.  No late papers accepted.   Source Material:  Suggested Book list found on Blackboard   Topic:   Book Critique   Structure:   Your essay should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion with topic sentences for paragraphs and transition sentences.  Your introduction should include a broad thesis statement that responds generally to the topic.  Your body should have thematic paragraphs that address the topics below while using quotations from primary and secondary sources with proper punctuation and citation.  Finally your conclusion shoul

English 101

Three Point Thesis The Three Point Thesis allows you to create a five paragraph essay with a flawless structure.  The three examples or pieces of evidence that you use to prove the main idea of the thesis will each fit and be explained in its own paragraph.  You can pick any statement or argument and then provide three examples to support it.  Let us look at an example:  
  • The atom bomb is the worst weapon ever created.
  You now have a statement or argument.  However, this statement is not very focused, and it lacks clarity.  An unfocused thesis can easily lead you off topic.  In this instance, it may be tempting to write about the history of the atom bomb, or other terrible weapons that have been invented.  Unfortunately, the history and other weapons do not specifically relate to the thesis statement.  Adding three specific examples to support your statement will clarify what your essay is trying to prove.  


In what ways did African Americans work to end slavery in America? What means did they use before and during the Civil War? Explain how the Compromise of 1877 impacted black life in the American South. What did this compromise do to voting rights, education, work, and legal justice?

Health Care Providers and Products

Select two health care service providers. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that discusses the health care service providers selected and the products and support they provide. Providers of Service Options: Preventive care or public health Ambulatory or primary care Subacute or long-term care Acute care Auxiliary services Rehabilitative services End-of-life care Mental health services Emergency management or disaster preparedness Dental services Military and veteran services Indian health services Include the following in your paper: Identify the selected health care service provider. Identify two services and products they provide to help with quality of care. Cite at least 1 peer-reviewed or scholarly reference and your textbook to support your information. For additional information on how to properly cite your sources, log on to the Reference and Cit

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