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Application of the planning steps. Identify the following: 1. List of characteristics about Farmer Market consumers 2. Theory (Health Belief model theory) which guides fits what you know about the consumers. 3. Two SMART objectives for our project of encouraging consumers to purchase from the winter farmer’s market. One objective for those in motivation phase […]

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create a powerpoint about Autism what information would be included. Please provide detail information about : the definition, characteristics, sensory concerns, motor concerns, and the effects that comorbidities have on individuals with ASD, as well as how to deal with challenging behaviors.

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Endogenous Verses Exogenous Growth Theories

Endogenous Verses Exogenous Growth Theories In neoclassical growth models, the sources of growth, is exogenous usually “technology”. Such theoretical models hence are able to describe how an economy grows, but not why it grows. To overcome this shortcoming, several growth models have been developed that make growth an endogenous variable. In contrast to neoclassical growth […]

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Prepare a plan for personal growth that will strengthen your knowledge, skills, and dispositions as a teacher. Use the notes from the Dispositions Survey for ILP1 to assist you with this process. The activities in your growth plan should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely, and tangible. Such activities might include participating in collegial support […]

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English 101

Leonard’s “Black Friday…” essay. Or Go to YouTube, search for “Black Friday commercials,” start watching, and then, once you’ve sated yourself on grown men screaming at Justin Bieber, remakes of Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” and, most distressingly, the continuing adventures of the Crazy Target Lady, ask yourself this question: What does it all mean? View […]

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Infant and toddler development.

pick a topic of interest in regards to infant and toddler development. Minimum 4 pages long, this does not include a cover or references page. Do not include an abstract. Your paper must include 8 or more different in-text citations this can include your textbook. All citations must be peer-reviewed journal articles with a doi […]

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Literary Analysis

• Write a Literary Analysis [4 pages]on one or more literary works studied in this course. • You may read what others have said about Gender and Chinese literature, but this Literary Analysis must focus heavily on our textbook and some aspect of Gender. You may use up to 3-4 outside sources to write this […]

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Social Work

*Each question scholarly sources 1960). (NASW) Code of Ethics. Retrieved February 22, 2021, from 1. Given the following circumstances, use the NASW Code of Ethics to discuss which ethical values/principles are involved and how you would react. Why? When working with a minor client, he/she admits to using alcohol and then later asks you […]

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Funding Proposals

Using the health care law or policy you researched for this week’s learning activity, create a proposal or presentation for continued funding of a related program. Create two separate proposals, one that addresses liberal viewpoints and one that addresses conservative viewpoints. Convince each group that continued funding is essential to the well-being of its recipients. […]

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Read chapter by Gail MacKay from the book Indigenous Pop about Eekwol, her music and Cree youth in western Canada. Listen to the WAV or MP4 tracks provided. Write a dissertation on the relevance of the material provided (3 pages max. 12 point double spaced) no cover page, no references required. link to other […]

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