Anxiety Screening in Cancer Patients  

Anxiety Screening in Cancer Patients   Cancer patients are highly susceptible to anxiety, depression, severe distress, and other psychological and emotional stresses (Sarkar et al., 2015). This is because cancer is life threatening, and therefore cancer patients experience anxiety because of the possibility of losing their lives and the reduction of the quality of their […]

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Outbreak of Covid-19 among Nursing Staff in King Abdullah Medical City

Outbreak of Covid-19 among Nursing Staff in King Abdullah Medical City Introduction The pestilence of a novel Corona Virus started in territory China in late 2019 and spread all through the world to cause a worldwide pandemic. As of August 23, 2020, there were more than twenty-three million affirmed cases and over eight hundred thousand […]

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Literature Review on Quality Standards ISO 9001

Literature Review on Quality Standards ISO 9001 Background Information With the escalating global industry rivalry, firms are compelled to come up with quality services and products and continuously advance their operations to survive. Firms today can choose from a wide range of quality management approaches utilized by firms to attain their quality goals such as […]

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Analyzing the Volkswagen Logo

Analyzing the Volkswagen Logo Introduction A brand name is the sturdiest and the most critical asset for any organization. Nonetheless, in the pressure of making sales, firms normally forget that the value of a brand supersedes merely a tagline, a positioning declaration, an advertising crusade or slogan, as well as a logo (Pries & Schweer […]

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The Israel-Palestine Conflict

The Israel-Palestine Conflict Introduction Israelis and Palestinians have been in war, especially in Gaza, for several decades. The Israel-Palestine Conflict is a continuous struggle between Palestine and Israel that started in the mid-Twentieth Century. The genesis of the conflict may be associated to the sectarian disagreement as well as the immigration of the Jews. The […]

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Critical Evaluation and Comparative Analysis of how Leaders Apply CSR Techniques to Create Sustainability

Critical evaluation and comparative analysis of how leaders apply CSR techniques to create sustainability Introduction             Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has emerged as an integral part of any organization due to the impact of external forces on companies’ responsiveness. Socially responsible companies gain a competitive advantage in the global market as they have a better […]

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Advanced Practice Nursing

Advanced Practice Nursing Roles Nurses and other health practitioners can pursue courses in advanced clinical practice to improve their knowledge and scope of service. Advanced practitioners focus on specific areas, and undergo a series of trainings to be conversant with their specialty. Advanced practice nursing requires practitioners to focus on clinical practices, primary care, education, […]

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing & Advertising: Assignment 2 – Digital Marketing Strategy Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Course Title Instructor Due Date Digital Marketing & Advertising: Assignment 2 – Digital Marketing Strategy Online marketing, at one point, was an emerging and unique approach to marketing. It introduced a new method of media on which to sell goods and […]

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Health Care

Analyzing a Current Health Care Issue – Health Inequality/Disparity Although the term disparity is usually applied to refer to ethnic or racial differences, many aspects of disparity exist in the U.S. and other parts of the world, especially in health care. If health care outcomes are perceived to a greater or lesser extent between different […]

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Money Laundering

Money Laundering Money laundering is an unlawful act of hiding the source of money acquired unlawfully by transmitting it through intricate sequences of commercial transactions and banking transmissions. Often, the money launderer engages in hidden deals with the motive of making personal gain or benefitting others. Proving that a money laundering crime has been carried […]

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