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Invasive Species

Aquatic Invasive Species Aquatic invasive species (AIS) is an aquatic species that dominates an ecosystem past their historical and natural range. AIS can also be referred to as non-native or exotics. Regardless of how someone calls the species, they are an escalating concern (Kovalenko et al., 2021). The study examines the reed canary grass, which […]

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Seed Sovereignty in India The chapter is primarily about India’s attempt to transform its legislations on seed protection. The thing that surprised me most about the chapter is that the government has to register all seeds before their introduction in the market. I did not know that such registration was part of the government until […]

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Onboarding New Staff

Onboarding New Staff Effective adoption of a technology that could assist university staff to perform better with the onboarding process requires members to undergo training and learning that will equip them with relevant skills and information regarding what the practice requires. Trainers should proceed to familiarize members of staff with the key components of the […]

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Elizabeth Holmes

The Rise and Fall of Elizabeth Holmes Business leaders and all employees should practice ethics in whatever they do to avoid blunders that could affect organizational practices and performance. The paper is about former Theranos’ CEO, Elizabeth Holmes, who causes her company to collapse due to engaging in insincere dealings. Holmes’ tribulations remind other operators […]

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BOLIVIAN REVOLUTION – BIBLIOGRAPHIC ESSAY FINAL Student’s Name Class Date Bolivian Revolution – Bibliographic Essay Final The Bolivian people, under the influence of miners whose sector dominates in the country, ganged up against the military junta which had been created to avert the Revolutionary Nationalist Movement (MNR), a party that had emerged the victor in […]

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LGBT Employees

Discrimination of LGBT Employees Introduction The modern-day workforce has increasingly become diversified based on gender, religion, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. However, sexual orientation generates so much contention in today’s organizations and cultures when contrasted with other kinds of diversity. The unrelenting bias has subjected people who identify as LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender), especially […]

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 Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning post Covid-19 The ongoing covid-19 pandemic is showing signs of ebbing and economies opening up, and vaccination is ramped up to facilitate the speedy return to normality. Businesses are now grappling with how to approach a post-Covid era and remain in business when such a calamity occurs again in the future. For these […]

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Mapping Question 1 I have developed several mapping skills though my studies. For instance, I have refined by map reading skills on locating certain places accurately from mapping information. Specifically, I can better identify and reckon a location using mapping information such as the scale, contour lines, and color codes. For instance, I can draw […]

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COVID-19 Policy Change

Effects of Covid-19 on Policy Change The paper falls into two parts; part A and part B. The first section focuses on the effects of COVID-19 on policy change. Two theories; path dependence theory and diffusion model – help to understand why the pandemic could be a reason enough for policymakers to advocate for change. […]

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The Musical Issue of Immigration

The Musical Issue of Immigration Introduction The Library of Congress reaffirms that Americans, from the time of the colonial period to the present time, have usually exercised their right of freedom of speech via song. Americans songs in particular have advocated for attention to social origins, both ridiculed and called for governmental social regulations, and […]

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