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A Change Is Gonna Come - Accurate Essays

A Change Is Gonna Come

“A Change Is Gonna Come”

TOPIC SENTENCE/CLAIM: Several factors make “A Change Is Gonna Come” a protest song. REASON: One of the factors that identify the composition as a protest song is that it seeks to send social messages and instigate transformation. Rather than just expressing the words, “A Change Is Gonna Come” qualifies as a protest song because it establishes a sense of emotional attachment with listeners. It is an appropriate way of protesting because of its peaceful approach to expressing opinions and thoughts in a song that sounds good rather than harsh and unpleasant to the ear. Furthermore, another feature that qualifies the composition as a protest song is that it is catchy, brief, and well-focused, thus grabbing the attention of target audiences. WARRANT: The composer delivers his point clearly without using many intricate words and does it in a manner that sincerely indulges the audience. CLAIM: The singer says “It’s been a long, A long time comin’, but I know, A change gon’ come, Oh, yes it will”, which appear to hearten the audience not to heed to the treats and obstacles that deter their advancement. BACKING: Moreover, the singer’s call on people to trust change will come is a call to action that reinstates sureness that it is possible to realize the targeted objectives through hope and hopefulness. TRANSITION: These features depict “A Change Is Gonna Come” as a protest song that tries to appeal to the audience using different techniques.

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