Admission Essay

Admission Essay


An admission essay is one written by a student who intends to join a certain college or university. Such essays require the inclusion of personal details of the person applying to the institution in question.  Essays may be specific or open-ended. The board involved in the selection of students to determine whether they qualify to join the institution reads such essays or not. Writing of an admissions essay is a simple task granted one knows what to say and how to say it. This is contrary to popular belief that such papers need to be complicated. In order to write a satisfactory essay, the must be a logical flow of ideas that will ensure that the reader is kept interested. In such a paper, the introduction needs to be creative to make a good first impression on the person who will read it. This may be done by the use of witty remarks as a part of the essay. The introduction of such a paper should provide generalized information pertaining to the person who is applying to the institution. Such information includes the name and educational experience.

Main Components of an admissions essay

An admissions essay has three main components, an introduction, body and a conclusion. The introduction is an overview for the rest of the paper. This is because it provides wide-ranging details with regard to the person who is applying for the position in the institution. The introduction should be well written and creative because this will ensure the continued interest of the reader. The writer should keep in mind that there are several other people hoping to get the same position so their work must be outstanding in order to ensure that they are selected. The second component of an admissions essay is the body. The body requires complete detail on the matter to be discussed by the writer. While writing he or she should ensure that the essay is written logically. That is, the ideas presented should flow in a systematic way to ensure that the reader understands the writer’s point of view.

Common Topics of Admission Essays

Topics in this case may be specific or open ended depending on what the writer is given to write. Common essay topics include the academic strengthens and weaknesses of the individual. In such a case, the writer should elaborate both their strengths and weaknesses. The elaboration should be meticulous and should be accompanied with instructions. Other topics that the writer may encounter include his or her career aspirations, reasons why they are applying to that school and any experiences they may have had in the past.

Format of an Admissions essay

The format is similar to all other academic papers, that is, introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction should be inventive and original in order to attract the attention of the reader. The body should be comprehensive and should provide several examples that illustrate the matter under discussion. Finally, the conclusions should be brief and should summarize all the points discussed in the paper. The paper should also have correct grammar to increase the chances of the person to get into the institution of their choice.

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