Classification Essay

Classification Essay

How to write a Classification essay-Introduction

A classification essay is based upon the classification of different subjects, people or ideas that have common characteristics into specific groups. While writing a classification essay, the general introduction, body and conclusion format should be followed. In the introduction of the essay, the key point is to introduce the subject you intend to address in the paper. Particularly, the writer should identify the group or object he or she intends to classify in the course of the essay. Some descriptive information on the subject matter is also important in the introduction to the essay. Such details will arouse the interest of the readers of the essay. A thesis statement that summarizes the content of the essay in a single sentence should be at the end of the introduction.

Main components of a Classification essay.

A classification essay should have three main components, an introduction a body and a conclusion. The introduction acts as an overview of the paper it provides general information pertaining to the paper, it may also include general descriptive information relating to the subject. The body of the essay addresses the main points the writer wants to discuss in absolute detail. Finally, the conclusion, which acts as a wrap up for the paper is the last component of the essay.

Common topics of Classification essays

Classification essays can be written to address several issues and topics in literature. For instance, a classification essay that requires the writer to classify the political parties in a particular country can be issued. For instance in theU.S.the writer can write a paper that classifies the political parties as either republican or democrats. The writer will required to provide in depth details that warrants their separation mainly their difference in ideologies Other topics for a classification essay include the different types of baseball fans, prominent universities based on their degree programs and various countries on the basis of their level of development. Such topics will enable the writer to separate and group the similar subject matters based on their characteristics.

The format of a Classification essay

A typical classification essay is divided into three major parts, the introduction, the body and the conclusion. The introduction is the first part of the essay. It should be well written in order to attract the interest of the people who will read it. A good introduction also provides a detailed preview of the matters the paper seeks to address. This will enable the reader to obtain a good idea of what the essay will cover. Most importantly, the last sentence of their introduction should be the thesis statement. The second part is the body of the essay. This part expounds on the matter the paper should address. It provides information pertaining to the subject matter and the reasons for classification. The body should outline the similarities and differences of the subject matter that warrants their classification. The last part of the essay is the conclusion. Conclusions provide a summary of the topics discussed in the paper. This summary is not detailed and is short. In some cases, the writer is allowed to voice his or her opinions related to the subject in the conclusion.

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