Evaluation Essay

Evaluation Essay


An essay that gives a review of a certain subject or experience is an evaluation essay. The subject is placed under critism to explore its strengths and weaknesses. The author of this type of essay offers their opinion on the subject by appraising it. The subject of evaluation is assessed on the qualities it possesses, and perhaps even compared to others in the same scope. Familiarization with the subject ensures a good evaluation and gives the writer a basis for the opinions offered. An essay that has a strong point of view is more interesting to read.

Main Components

The subject is the central point of the essay, and should be presented in a clear and engaging way. The reader’s interest should be piqued by the subject, which motivates them to read the essay. The targeted audience of the essay should be well defined. The nature of subject usually does this. The introduction of the essay establishes this basic information. A thesis statement may help to enunciate the writer’s stance.

The criterion chosen to base the analysis on is important. It needs to be established before the essay is written as it serves as the skeleton of the review. The criteria for evaluation are based on the type of subject the writer has. It gives bedrock for the genesis of the judgment to be offered in the essay. The criteria should be easily identifiable to the reader and may be an opening from which the reader will form their own evaluation.

Reviews are memorable for the strong opinions espoused by the writer. The judgments stated should be verifiable based on the facts of the subject. Reasons for the opinions offered should be followed with explanations that are coherent and convincing. Comparisons may be made with similar items or situations for emphasis. Organization style chosen for the essay helps the writer highlight the opinions they have formed.

Common Topics

Movies, plays and books are the most commonly reviewed topics. Others may be a restaurant in general or a particular meal offered. Performance of certain things can be compared such as a certain model of a car. Vacations also offer interesting topics since most destinations offer brochures detailing the expected services available. The number of things to evaluate is endless, and limited by the imagination of the writer. There are innumerate items and subjects that can be evaluated.

Format of an Evaluation Essay

Evaluation essays have the three principle parts:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

The introduction of essay sets the premise of the essay, identifies the subject and audience. The method to be applied in the review is applied in the body of the essay. An expose of the subject with an analysis of its strengths and shortcomings spans the greater part of the essay. A conclusion gives the final judgment of the writer concerning the subject. The conclusion should not be longer than a paragraph, and should leave the reader with a concise opinion concerning the subject.

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