Expository Essay

Expository Essay


An expository essay purposes to inform the reader about a particular topic. It gives information on the subject of the exposition. The premise of the subject is gathered in an exposition type essay. The focus of the essay remains on the topic and events taking place are listed in chronological order using key words that depict sequence such as first, last, before, then, next. The audience of the expository essay is well defined. The position of the author as far as the essay is concerned is impartial. The reader is not supposed to know the author’s opinion as the nature of the essay is to inform by giving knowledge objectively.

Main Components of an Expository Essay

A clear, controlling idea that governs the focus of the essay is vital to the development of a good essay. This is followed by an opening paragraph, which introduces the thesis of the expository essay. This introductory paragraph should give the reader an inkling of the proceeding work. Ambiguity should be avoided, as well as personal declarations on the subject matter. Expository essays serve to impart knowledge to the reader, and should therefore maintain objectivity.

This is followed by a body containing paragraphs that epitomize the points comprising the exposition. The transition from one paragraph to the next should be smooth to warrant the connections of the ideas and their relevance to the topic of exposition. References to the first person should be avoided to maintain impersonality throughout the paper. As the crux of the essay, the language used in the body of the exposition should be concise, avoiding literary devices that complicate any assimilation.

The conclusion of an expository essay should be limited to a paragraph. The purpose is to reinforce the thesis statement without being redundant. The paragraph should provide an overview of the essay and give the final verdict as far as satisfaction of the thesis statement is concerned. No personal opinions offered, just a general closing paragraph.

Common Topics of an Expository Essay

Most topics that are written in this format are ones that require factual explanation of processes or the formation of things. This highlights the importance of order in an expository essay. One topic example is the chain of command in a military outfit such as theUnited Statesarmy. This would give room for factual and chronological narration. Another is to explain the process of soap manufacturing. Preparation and factual representation of information are important in expository essays to fulfill the purpose of knowledge impartation.

Outline of an Expository Essay

The format follows that of the general essay. This is divided into three parts, that is

      • An introduction
      • The body
      • The conclusion

The introduction contains the thesis statement that guides the course of the paper. The body of the expository essay contains the well-ordered content material; that delves into the subject matter without diverging from the facts. Objectivity should be maintained throughout the body of the essay with no opinions offered. The conclusion summarizes the premise of the expository essay, without redundancy, and shows how the thesis was fulfilled by the content of the body.

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