Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay


            Preparation is crucial in writing an argumentative essay. It is important to be well versed with the topic at hand. An argumentative essay requires in depth knowledge of the topic given considering that, the author needs to present both sides of an argument and finally take a stand. This type of essay is very precise and clear in the prose used. The arguments presented in the paper should be backed by evidence from cited sources, and any terms and arguments used should be concise. The overall effect is to convince the reader of the stand taken and possibly persuade a change in actions of attitudes.

Main Components of an Argumentative Essay

            An argumentative essay should include a thesis statement that clearly states the writer’s stance on the topic. This is not a requirement but the reader should be able to elucidate the position of the writer from the first paragraph in the paper. The importance of the thesis point is to remove any ambiguity that may arise in the introduction. In any case, ambiguity in such an essay is avoided by the coincision used in the prose of the essay. The points for and against the topic are backed with facts from well-cited sources.

An argumentative essay is like a discussion essay in that both supporting and opposing sides of the argument are represented, but differs in the fact that, the writer’s position on the matter is clearly enunciated. The opposing points are necessary to juxtapose with those that support the writer’s stance, and show the relevance of the proposing side. Several ideas are broached in the essay all with relevance to the topic, which support the main thesis.

A good conclusion of an argumentative essay is paramount in reinforcing the thesis statement backed with the evidence supplied in the body of the essay. The thesis can be presented in a new way in the conclusion after all the arguments made for and against it. After the presentation of a good argument in the essay, the writer may propose further areas of study in that field, or may give a personal reaction to the content of the essay. The writer may also hypothesize on more ideas relevant to the topic of the argument essay.

The Outline of an Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay does not differ in structure from any other essay. There are three main parts of an argumentative essay:

  • the introduction
  • the body that contains the ideas of the essay
  • the conclusion that summarizes the thesis

The introduction usually consists of one paragraph that ends with a thesis statement. The body of the essay contains the argument. The first sentence should state the argument and subsequent sentences support the argument presented. This order is important to prevent any ambiguity and clearly give the writer’s stand. Citations from reliable sources are important to back up the facts in the essay. The conclusion is the last part of the argumentative essay, which is usually one paragraph long. The references are written on a new page following the required format.

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