1. Complete “Solo” experience.

1. Complete "Solo" experience.

2. Explanation of the "Solo" experience. This exercise was considered a "rite of passage" for many native Americans. Young men would typically be taken out into the wilderness and would be left alone to remain in a circle for several days without food or water and exposed to all the natural elements without protection. Left alone with just their thoughts and emotions to run their course – an exercise in self-discovery.

3. Directions for the "Solo" experience. Find a secluded, quite and safe place away from all distractions – cars, noise, people, etc. Dress for the weather conditions – layer clothing, use sun and rain protection, and stay comfortable. Bring a blanket or chair to sit on. You will need a clock with an alarm on it (cell phones work), pad of paper, pen or pencil. Set your alarm to go off in one hour, and put the clock out of sight and don’t be tempted to look at it until the alarm goes off. You have one hour to write anything that comes to mind on your paper. Write about school, work, relationships, emotional issues – anything. No one will read what you wrote but you. When the alarm goes off – you are done or you may continue with your experience as long as you want. When you get home, place what you wrote in an envelop and place it someplace where you will find it in about 1 year. Open your envelop this time next year to see how you and your world has changed – self discovery.

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