This assignment is to read the following story at the bottom, and answer the following question. Please also use book called Criminal Law by Brody Acker to support and reference your answer.

Joe Dingle, being an avid music intends to steal Sues Lady Gaga CD. Joe takes the CD intending to keep it forever. After listening to the first two songs Joe decides it is horrible and decides to return it to Sue right after he eats lunch. After eating Joe goes to Sues home. He knocks on the door for several minutes but receives no answer. He then tries the knob and finds it unlocked. Not wanting to have to come back later, he decides to go inside and leave the CD with a note. Once inside he places the CD on a coffee table, and heads for the door. Before he leaves, however, he smells the wonderful aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Joe runs to the kitchen and sees a small cookie sheet holding a dozen cookies sitting on the counter. Having an urge for desert, Joe places the cookie sheet and cookies in the microwave, sets the timer for two minutes, and sets off to explore the rest of the house. (Joes mother never told him that when metal is placed in a microwave it will catch on fire.)
Joe heads up the stairs and opens a door to what looks like a bedroom. As he opens the door, Joe sees Sue pointing a gun at him. Sue screams, fires the gun, and immediately shrieks in pain. Unharmed, Joe dives back into the hallway, and to his amazement, notices the house filling up with smoke. He runs back to the kitchen, which is engulfed with flames. Joe decides to hightail it and runs toward the front door. On his way there, he keeps hearing a woman, who sounds like Sue, screaming,Ouch, Ive been shot. Help me.After pausing for a few seconds, Joe notices the fire growing, and decides he has no choice but to escape with his life. He exits the house, runs to his car, and drives home.
Unbeknownst to Joe, Sue was in the house and shot herself in the leg while trying to shoot Joe. As Joe ran down the stairs, Sue called 911, and told the operator that Joe Dingle broke into her house and set it on fire. She also said she shot herself in the leg and was unable to escape the inferno. Sadly, Sue died in the fire.
A few hours later, ten police officers burst into Joes apartment and place him under arrest.

Which of the following six crimes has Joe committed?
Larceny (common law)
Burglary (common law)
Arson (WA statute, page 330)
Involuntary Manslaughter (Model Penal Code)
Manslaughter (Model Penal Code)
Murder (Model Penal Code)

Discuss why or why not he has committed each of these crimes, focusing on the specific elements of each as stated under the law. You should devote at least 1 paragraph for each offense.

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