A reflection on The Art of Successful Networking

The Art of Successful Networking Offline and Online:

The webinar; http://www.bizlaunch.com/past-webinar-detail/the-art-of-successful-networking-offline-and-online/1528provided by the website BizLaunch discusses the importance of networking in relation to business growth. Write a reflection on it.

The structure of the reflection should be as followed:

  1. 1.      Description:

-Describe the event/activity?

– What did you do?

-What was the purpose?

Description should be brief, no more than 85 words


  1. 2.      Self-Analysis: 

Your thoughts/assumptions/reaction/attitude..etc


  1. 3.      Analysis of your learning:  

-What did you learn?

-What generalisations or conclusions can you draw from the experience?


  1. 4.      Evaluation:

-Was it good or bad?

– Did you agree or disagree and why?

-If you were to be critical of it, what are your conclusions/constructive criticism?

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