A World Apart

Write a 1050 to 1400 word paper comparing the American correctional system to the Peoples Republic of China. Compare the correctional system of the Peoples Republic of China to the American correctional system in the following terms:

-type of system
-population and privatization
-security levels, if applicable
-prison life
-viewpoint on rehabilitation and programs, if any
-one type of parole system
-view on probation and community corrections
-an important reformation-type amendment that significantly changed the rights of the prisoners, similar to the Eighth Amendment or Section 1983 reform

Discuss your opinion of the foreign country’s correctional system as compared to that of the United States:

-decide the more effective correctional system, the foreign country’s system or the United States’ system
-explain your rationale
-explain your thoughts in whether any aspects of the United States’ correctional system should be adopted or perhaps changed to reflect aspects of the foreign country’s correctional system

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