Abnormal Psychology & Society

I am looking for a writer who can write a movie report on the movie Dangerous Method.

A Dangerous Method is a David Cronenberg film about Jung and his mentor Freud and their dispute about the use of the “talking cure” in their work with Sabina Spielrein—a hysterical and masochistic patient. There are cameo appearances by Bleuber, Ferenczi, Otto Gross and the word association test.

On one full page of the paper write about What do you think of the method of Freud and Junga’s modifications of it? Is a therapist ever justified in having a romantic relationship with a patient?

AND…on the second page of the paper.

Watch the video documentary Video of Titicut Follies from the link below.

On the 2nd Page of the paper, write a full page about the video, what was your reaction to the movie. What did you learn?. How did you feel?. Was it believable?.

Should be total of 2 full pages.

Please let me know if this is possible.
Thank You!

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