Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education?

Assignment 3 Essay
Question: How might schools empower teachers to be better informed about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education?
Critically reflect and analyse the above question engaging one of the main 6 thematic areas from this Unit including: ( Choose which one you want, but state which one you have chosen).
1. Country and story
2. Indigenous Knowledges
3. Indigenous literacies and Aboriginal English
4. Aboriginal Education Policies in NSW and Federally
5. The stories being engaged in, in the Australian ‘history wars’
6. Incorporating and engaging Aboriginal perspectives in the teaching of a chosen curriculum area.

In this essay include the following:
1.    critical reflection and analysis of your perceived personal and individual role as future teachers actively engaging in adding Aboriginal perspectives into the curriculum in their classrooms.
2.    analysis and reflection of pedagogical components in quality Indigenous education.
3.    ground your personal reflections in theory and broader academic discourse. This will build on your own understanding of the concept of Indigenous Knowing.

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