Aboriginal community

Imagine that you are working in a remote Aboriginal community where many of the young people are sniffing petrol. This is having a terrible effect on community morale and the elders are extremely concerned about the future of their community. There is very little paid employment in the community and many of the young people are unemployed, bored, and dissatisfied with life. The traditional ways of life are no longer being practiced, although there are a few artists living in the community. Two of the Aboriginal women have approached you with concerns about their children and they want to set up a community program to reduce the level of petrol sniffing. Write a plan for the community development project to help these women. Decide what you hope to achieve and then answer the following questions. 1) What is the framework or approach you are adopting to community development? 2) What are the aims of the project? 3)Who will be involved? 4) How will they be involved? What will they be invited to attend or do? 5) Who will lead the project? 6) How long will the project last? 7) Who will be consulted about the project? 8) What capacity will be built within the community? 9) How will the project be evaluated? 10) What changes do you hope to expect to see as a result of the project? Remember to use references and include answers to all questions above. Explain why you have made the decisions that you have made and justify them with references. Make sure you write up a reference pages for me also at the end of the assignment.

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