Aboriginal lesson plan / reflection and teaching strategies

Assessment task 1
Developing a Culturally-Appropriate one hour Lesson Plan for grade 6 (about 11 year olds)and Reflection on Teaching Strategies

Details of task:
Students will develop a culturally appropriate lesson plan that demonstrates both your
skills and knowledge in addressing the AITSL APST Focus Area 1.4.
This lesson plan needs to culminate in an appropriate assessment to demonstrate
effective leaning by the students.
You then need to develop a reflective piece on the teaching strategies you would use to
deliver this lesson and why you feel these would be appropriate.
The assignment needs to be properly referenced (minimum 5 resources consulted and no
more than half to be websites).
Recommended text – Main text book
Harrison, Neil.. (2011). Teaching and Learning in Indigenous Education.. (Second Edition) SouthMelbourne, Victoria Oxford University Press. .

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