academic cheating

In a recent Macleans, there was an article about the extreme lengths that academic cheaters are taking to get good grades, avoid doing assignments and tests, and to pass. Please read the article at: and provide your thoughts on it. In this article, academic offenses include: cheating on exams, plagiarizing ideas or words verbatim, forging medical notes, lying about illnesses, and having another person write papers, exams, or assignments.
Write a blog post on this topic. Your post may include:

� How serious do you believe the problem of academic cheating or plagiarism is in the academic setting?
� Do you think there should be stricter or less severe penalties for students who are caught cheating or plagiarizing? Why?
� If students are aware of the consequences � failing a course, academic dismissal, or expulsion from university � why do you think they are taking the risk of cheating?
� What do you think that universities or students should do to combat cheating or plagiarizing?
� Other thoughts?

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