Aethiopicus Hominin

Epoch: introduce the time period and epoch in which your hominin lived. I.e. Pliocene, Pleistocene and what dating technique assisted in this conclusion.
Environment: discuss what their habitat would have been like (i.e. woodlands, savannahs, plains etc) as well as climate and access to food/diet.
Morphology: discuss skeletal morphology and anything that might be particular to this species. Were they bipedal (how do we know), were their dentition different than other hominins, did they have a sagittal crest, were their morphological traits more human or non-human? What was their language system like?
Famous examples: are there any newsworthy examples? If so, what are they?
Culture: Did the hominin have material culture or spiritual culture? i.e. tools, rituals, drawing.
Sources: here are some links to help you get started
Institute of human origins:
National Geographic:
American Association of Physical Anthropology Journal:

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