african americans should not get reparations

WRITE a FORMAL LETTER in block format (this is different from the example), left-margin rule, with 1 inch margins on all sides) from the OPPOSITION (you are taking the other side from your own actual position (defending the side you oppose), to your preferred side of your controversial issue that you will later defend for your research essay). For this assignment (Essay #2, letter to the editor) you must defend the side you are against, as identified with the against thesis from your brief exercise. Write an addressed letter (the name and address of the paper can be real or fictitious) to the editor of a newspaper, using you own name as Writer, presenting all of the following elements:

A. A salutation followed by An introductory paragraph identifying

1. The issue question to start the letter

2. Some occasion to motivate your writing of this letter (like the publication of your research essay in the newspaper)

3. An acknowledgment of what the ‘other’ side believes (e.g., your preferred position for your later essay, Essay 3, and provide your three reasons)

4. An appeal to that side, and any unconvinced readers, to hear the strong arguments of the ‘right’ side, as follows

B. The first reason for this position in the topic sentence:

1. Write your work in the ‘because’ clause formulation. Try to use enthymemes.

2. Offer an evidentiary warrant, and any backing support you could use.

3. Offer a warranting principle, and any backing support you could use.

4. You may add a policy warrant (including a precedent, or cost/benefit analysis) to add support.

C. The second reason: (following the pattern above)

D. The third reason: (following the pattern above)

E. A concluding paragraph striving to convert the reader to this position, or at least to admit that there is reasonable possibility for consideration.

1. Some ‘personal’ detail or story could establish finishing credibility

2. Some historical or public illustration of a relevant point could add pathos.

Remember the letter should finish with a closing and your name.

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