Amedeo Modigliani Italy,1884-1920, active France. Young woman of the people 1918. Oil on canvas

Answer these questions very carfully in details:
1. What type of art is this two dimensional/three dimensional?
Sculpture painting drawing print other

2. What medium is the work created with?
Oil acrylic tempera watercolor
pencil charcoal pastel ink mixed media (if so what media)

3. What support (if work is two dimensional) is this work on?
Canvas wood paper

4. What is the subject matter of the work?
Religious mythological portrait still life landscape

5. Why are you choosing to write about this particular work? Explain. What feelings does this work evoke in you? What resonates in this work, what drew you to it?

6. Consider the work’s title, think about it. Does it help you interpret what you see?


• What kind of line is used in this work? Is it analytic? curvilinear?

• Does it use the traditional laws of perspective? (do you get a sense or illusion of real space)
If not, explain.

• Are there identifiable shapes in the work? (think – do you see spheres? Circles? Triangles?
• If so, describe them as well as how do they relate to space in the work.

• How is light used in the work? Is there a specific light source? If so, where? Describe values and tonal areas in the work. Is there a high degree of contrast used, or is it subtle.

• What is the predominant color scheme of the work? Are colors complimentary, analogous? A warm color palette? Cool color palette?

• What is the texture? Is it real? implied?

• What principles of design are used to organize the composition?


• Can you see and describe any visual rhythm, repetition?

• Do the work’s various elements seem in proportion?

• Does the composition seem unified? If not, why not?

• Is there a specific focal point? (point of emphasis) If so, describe, if not explain

• What is the subject matter? (what is literally depicted – not meaning of work)

• Are there symbolic meanings in the work?

• Are there any specific, symbols, and subject in this work did you study in class?

• Are there any elements that you have seen in our textbook?

Finally, what does the work mean to you? How do you react to it, explain.

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