American Author Research Paper

This essay is a research paper about Alice walker or in other words a literary criticism on Alice Walkers writing. The books you have to write about are all by Alice Walker (possessing the secret of jot, absolute trust in the goodness of the earth, the color purple, the third life of grange Copeland). Have contextual evidence from the books in the essay and use rhetoric as well.

You have to write a research report about a significant American author (alice walker). write a literary criticism historical investigation research paper about that author. This research paper will be arranged as an extended essay with a controlling thesis and multiple body paragraphs providing literary analysis of the body of the author▓s work along with analysis of the influential factors of his/her life. Historical, biographical, theoretical, and critical research should be conducted using primary and secondary sources to provide a context for your chosen texts The expected length will vary depending upon the body of work by the selected author. (At the very minimum, you will should write four to five pages for the body of the essay–of course this is in addition to the annotated bibliography. You will be graded on the project as a whole≈itemized on a check sheet≈and your final draft (the one due on 1/26/2010) will be graded on the AP rubric.

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