American Culture in Transition

Historians have debated the question of whether or not Roosevelt’s New Deal prolonged the Depression. The two sides of the debate are “Roosevelt’s New Deal prolonged the Depression” or “Roosevelt’s New Deal helped to end the Depression.” Your task is to decide which side of this debate you agree with and support your choice in your discussion of this subject.

Your discussion should include the following:

* Give a brief description of the New Deal, including the scope of the Depression.
* What was Roosevelt’s vision during the first 100 days in office?
* Many of the following government agencies survive today. You may want to pick one that you have heard of to discover its original mission. Use some of the following programs, the alphabet agencies, and significant persons involved to support your choice:
o Bank reform
+ Banking Act 1933
+ Gold Reserve Act 1934
+ Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
+ Securities Exchange Commission
+ Fannie Mae
o Rural programs
+ Tennessee Valley Authority
+ Rural Electrification
+ Civilian Conservation Corp
o Farm programs
+ Farm Security Act
+ Agricultural Adjustment Act
+ Federal Crop Insurance Corporation
o National Recovery Administration
o Works Progress Administration
o Federal Housing Administration
o Social Security Act

Discuss the successes and failures of those above.

* Recession of 1937

* Your conclusion and your supporting discussion for the side of the debate you are supporting.

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