American Literature

Critical Essay Guidelines

1.) You will choose a primary source(s) about which to write.  The primary source(s) must not be works that are on your syllabus, and they must come from the time period we are covering in this class.

2.) You will use a minimum of SEVEN secondary sources to support the points that you make in your paper. These secondary sources MUST be articles accessed via the library databases.

3.) Your critical essay will be a minimum of EIGHT double-spaced typed pages.  You will use 12-point Times New Roman or Ariel font.

4.) All in-text documentation and the Works Cited page will use MLA format.

5.) You must propose your topic to me BEFORE YOU START THIS ESSAY.  Your proposal will be written and should include the following:
-The primary source(s) about which you will write
-Why you chose this work/these works
-Your plan for conducting research
-A tentative claim
-A description of your progress so far
-Any concerns or questions you have about this project.

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