In celebration of this wonderful achievement, your assignment will be to write your first essay. This essay shall be a comparison of at least two different authors that we have read about during the course of the semester; concentrate on writing styles and ideology.

However you must compare authors from the same period. (ex. Bradstreet with Bradford; or Franklin with Paine or Crevoucer)

The essay must be written in MLA style, 3 pages minimum, with two outside sources. Please send this essay as an attachment. Be sure to use in-text citations that are documented in the Works Citedpage. Essays should not be biographical in nature. Please assume that the reader is familiar with the authors that you are writing about. As always should you have any questions, please let me know.

A couple of notes:
1. Please make sure that you follow the instruction of the essay. This is a comparison and contrast essay; as such you should have two authors reviewed in your essay.
2. Research. I fully expect for you to read the material, read other authors criticisms of the works, form your ideas, and then put them down on paper.
3. Do not plagiarize. Write your essay and then find sources to back up your thoughts. No direct copying of outside sources and claiming them as your own.
4. Start now! Dont wait till the last minute.

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