Americans want stricter gun laws, still oppose bans

gallup poll  APA format

Directions:  The student will read, summarize, and critique a piece of sociological research. The research has to be sociological in nature. No medical or scientific in nature will be allowed. Students must receive instructor approval for the research they choose to critique. The paper must include an original or a photocopy of the research. Recent research must be used. Sources that are more than five years old should not be used. The research should include information taken from books, magazines, journals, and newspapers as well as legitimate sources on the Internet.
The paper should be composed of two parts: one part should be a summary of the article and the other a critique of the research. The project must be in your words and not the researcher’s words. Papers should be typed and about five pages of text. You will need to follow APA (American Psychological Association) formatting. (See South College’s library homepage for links.) Your paper will need to have a title page, an abstract page, a summary of the article page, and a page offering your personal comments about the significance, relevance, and quality (as far as you can judge) of the research discussed in the article.

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