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An Environmental Ethic

I will need a title slide, overview slide, several slides of content, and then a wrap up slide and references slide. Make sure to include references and citations and that you have a “speech” written up.

You are the Vice President for Environmental Affairs at a Fortune 500 company. You have been asked to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for the Board of Directors on the value of incorporating an “environmental ethic” into the business activities of the company. While the board is somewhat skeptical of this idea, they are willing to approach this new way of thinking about business with an open mind. To aid in your efforts at persuasion, you must also prepare a speech to accompany your slides that will explain why applying an environmental ethic would be to the company benefit.
You have discussed your presentation with the Chief Executive Officer, who supports you, and you both agree that you must address the following issues in both your presentation and your speech:
1. What is an environmental ethic and how does it relate to socially responsible leadership?
2. What concrete examples can you give on how this ethic is applied to business activities?
3. What are the costs and benefits to such an approach?
4. What four actions do you recommend that the Board of Directors take regarding this new way of doing business

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