An unsustainable land use

select a land use of your choice (e.g. dry land cropping, manufacturing, housing estate etc.) and write an essay critique that exposes all of the unsustainable characteristics of that land use. To do this, you must first explain what sustainability means to you in relation to your chosen land use, and describe the social, economic and ecological features of your land use and the way in which the land use is regulated. You should then identify the unsustainable features of your chosen land use, and explain why the features you identify are unsustainable. Finally, you should suggest solutions that, if implemented, would make your chosen land use more sustainable.
Report structure:
* Introduction
Include a brief discussion of your concept of sustainability, backed up with appropriate literature, introduce your chosen land use and state your report’s aims and objectives.
* Description of land use
Provide brief, relevant information about your land use.
* Critique of the unsustainable features of your land use
Indicate and justify, using the literature, the main features of your land use that detract from its sustainability.
* Solutions
Identify feasible and practical ways in which each of the major deficiencies identified in your land use could be remedied.
* Conclusions
* Acknowledgements
* References
List all and only the references you cited in the text in this section.

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