Analysis of a Pattern of Childhood Experience

In 1,000-1,250 words, identify and explain a classified and qualified pattern from your point of view in terms of cause-effect, interpretation, and relevance.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO EXPLAIN MORE THAN ONE PATTERN.  DO NOT WRITE A REPORT.  The essay should include numerous examples.  Incorporation of borrowed material from two sources is required.  All borrowed material must be cited according to MLA formatting. Research must be conducted using library resources.


Develop an opening image that focuses readers and creates an appropriate tone.  Describe and explain the context of the situation (necessary information and understanding).  Identify the reason why the pattern is important (statement of relevance: symbolic importance, depth of impact, scale of issue, significance to others or the whole, proximity).  Present an analytic thesis (cause-effect + interpretation: What happens? How? Why? What idea/concept is represented?).


Develop two stories and present focused scenes.  Explain the cause-effect-effect (immediate response, short term effect, and long term influence) and interpretation.  Include a creative comparison to highlight or explain a part of your idea.


Explain the relevance as identified in the introduction.  Present a prediction if the situation does not change.  Develop a closing image.  If appropriate, connect the focus to a larger context.

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