Analysis of how Wiglaf’s speech impacts the ending of Beowulf

Analysis of Wiglaf’s speech in Beowulf. Using only the text and your own grey matter, construct a focused but nuanced, well-argued and well-supported answer to this question:

“How do Wiglaf’s speeches impact (i.e., intensify, challenge, and/or help shape) the ending of Beowulf?” Consider Wiglaf’s speeches within lines 2602-3119 and consider “the ending” as lines 3137-3182.

As a suggestion, you could start your paper by characterizing the “ending” of the text and then look at Wiglaf’s speeches: Do his speeches challenge the ending? If so, to what extent and how exactly? Are they congruent with the ending? If so, to what extent and how exactly? These questions are suggestions; you may locate other questions that help you focus and answer the main question (above) or you may prefer other organizational approaches. Use the Seamus Heaney translation found in our text as though it’s completely accurate, so if you wish to focus on specific words or phrases, feel free to do that. You are analyzing this translation.


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