Animal rights

convince the reader that animal rights is a global issue
a- establish why the topic is (an issue,a global issue, relevant to ur audience & to the world current situations, and relevant for immidate adress/action)
b- historical context(historical perspective-origin and development of issue(geographic), what progress/adress of issue has been to date
c-global context (state of the issue in the world today, including full scope of the problem and careful links as to how what is happening in one country/reigons, what has been done in various countries to combat the issue and how treatment in one area may affect another)
d-why we need to act-and act now (projection of the state of the issue in the future if address is not done/progress made)
E- possible solutions(on multiple levels personal action,groups,govt(local/national),foregin policy,role of international agreements,responsbilties of developed world to developing world-and how relevant to issue

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