animal testing

*** include annoted bibliography !!!!
write one paragraph about each source and how it is going to help you in your research
****the bibliography should be just one page

This paper will require students to present/defend a political or sociological issue. The paper should be 6 pages (7 including Work Cited page) using 12 font Times New Roman. One inch margins required. This paper should also include in text citation as well as six sources on a separate bibliography page (APA format).Papers will be graded based on four components:

Research: Paper must display evidence that you have done a substantial amount of research regarding your topic.
Thinking/Analysis: Paper must display evidence that you have thought critically about what you have read and discovered during the course of your research rather than repeating what the articles and books said. This is imperative!!!!!!!!!!! An essential part of research is assessing the merit of the information you as the researcher are collecting. Your research should lead you to draw some conclusions about your topic by providing some analysis of why something changed, happened or why it did not happen.
Comparisons: Paper should involve a clear compare/contrast to an opposing side of your argument or presentation. This becomes empiricism and not opinion by supporting your position with research and theory.
Writing Format: Papers should be clearly written and organized, as well as free of grammatical and spelling errors.
***NOTE: Abortion and Stem Cell Research are not approved topics and will result in a zero grade.

Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling and Sentence Structure
Subject Verb Agreement * Work cited should be alphabetized
Use of I * Hanging indent
Spelling Error
Grammatical Errors
Capitalization Error
Sentence Fragments
In-text citation
Work Cited page
Tense Agreements
Use of Contractions
Use of Slang
Use of Cliches
Use of Rhetorical Questions
Run on Sentences

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